Event Details

In SP's Q2 membership meeting, Unison Energy introduced a new Subcommittee on Decarbonizing High Energy Density Industrial.

This subcommittee is intended to help members explore actionable pathways to achieve net-zero goals, particularly those that require high thermal and other energy-intensive processes, including:

  • Transition to low-and no-carbon fuels and expand industrial electrification
  • Introduce transformative technologies such carbon capture and utilization
  • Improve materials efficiency, increase materials circularity, and innovative energy saving technologies

Note: this meeting is open to SP members only. Please note all SP meetings are conducted in accordance with SP's antitrust guidelines.

Agenda Outline

  • Introductions & Antitrust Guidelines -- SP
  • Subcommittee Mission & Objectives - Unison Energy
  • Roundtable Discussion & Prioritization of Key Issues
  • Next Steps / Action Items